Hecate, Kronos


May appear as a woman with two heads?

Story Notes

Not a lot is known about Enepsigos: she’s mentioned in the Testament of Solomon, and otherwise, doesn’t come up again. But what we do “know” about her is interesting: The Testament is sort of medieval Solomon fan fic, wherein King Solomon summons the demon Ornias, and from him, learns the names of Beelzebub and through him, every demon in hell. Many of these are inspired by Greek mythology, and Enipsigos doubly so.

Enipsigos is extremely changeable, this because of her association with the moon. She suggests that her name is “Kronos,” a male deity, and as the god of time, king of the titans and the father or grandfather of most of the Greek gods, a pretty big name. 

Perhaps like Lilith, she’s very hard to capture and restrain. and escapes Solomon’s first attempt to bind her. She prophecies that all of Solomon’s bindings will be broken when his temple is destroyed. 

As a power of the moon associated strongly with the number three and the magic of prophecy, Enepsigos is most strongly associated with the goddess Hecate. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t escape into a later grimoire like her cousin Persephone/Kore, but we can’t all have exciting rebirths. 


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