Episode #84: The Rise and Fall of Pride!

We’re very excited to have our friend from Portland by way of Canada, Dr. Nick Literski, joining us this week! Dr. Nick is a lecturer and spiritual guidance professional, you can “meet” him at Dancing Ancestors.

We are feeling somewhat betrayed by Thunder Bay Sally this week, her attempt was lackluster. There’s a lot to cover and she must have run out of baking soda and colored water this week, but…still.

I’m worried that we’re her primary audience, that would be sad.

At some point in the editing of Episode 84, Jacob realized that we were spending an inordinant amount of time discussing…a diagram. Which makes for great podcasting. But it was too tied into the episode to drop for the sake of sanity. We hope that someone visits our web page, and finds out that we have this colorful chart waiting for them.