The Dispatchist

…A friendly podcast about hell and some other stuff.

The DispatchIst is a friendly ongoing conversation about Hell in its many forms…as a story, as a social technology, as a mythology all its own. Side-topics may or may not include the devil, popular culture, comparative religion, Dungeons and Dragons, mixed drinks, horror films, medieval snuff porn, schadenfreude, whether Tundale could kick Dante’s butt (probably, maybe not in a literary sense), Norwegian death metal, latitudinarianism, and whatever else seems relevent this week.

Recent Episodes…

Ep. 58 – When Life Gives You Figs

Ep. 58 – When Life Gives You Figs

Two of the biggest Satan stories in the old testament…or ARE they? Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and Job in…life’s vicissitudes.

Ep. 57 – Yahoo!!

After two years, we’re finally getting to the bible! A bit about the history of the Jewish religion and of Jahweh. We’re confident we’re going to get this wrong, but we’re confident!

Recent Posts…

Mickey’s Inferno

Mickey’s Inferno

Do you remember that one time Mickey went through nine layers of hell? I do.

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