Lord of the Gap, lord of openings


Prince of Sloth, Prince of Gluttony


Likely, either sloth or gluttony…but helps with inventions, and possibly get rich quick shemes? Ignorance and sloth are related, as well, so his portfolio is more pervasive than just sleeping in.


There’s a solid chance that Belphegor is going to turn up as the prince of Sloth. However, there’s also been a series of “candle-head” demons that may reference Baphomet, which could be associated with his level of hell, so the jury is still out on this one.


So, he’s often shown on the toilet. This is likely because sorcerers sometimes insulted spirits to prove they weren’t worshipping them. Belphegor has many shapes, and often appears as a beautiful woman. 

Story Notes

Not a lot known about this figure, though the Kaballah suggests that he helps people make discoveries, ingenius inventions that will make them rich, but that leads to temptation and sloth ultimately. He may have started out as an ancient fertility god (“bel” and “baal” are the same route.)

Interestingly, political theorist Machiavelli wrote a book about Belphegor, in which the demon comes to earth to find a bride. Occult World suggests that he returned to Hell and isn’t a fan of relationships now. Occult World also has many references to Belphegor’s career as a fertility demon and sexual spirit, and that he appears often as a young woman to tempt the conjurer.


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