Bursas, Pruslas, Bufas. Vassago?

Goetia #73?


Prince, Duke


encouraging lying, causing conflict large and small, creating strife


A modern conception of Pruflas’s sigil, as he didn’t recieve one in the Pseudomanarchia.


A very old spirit, Pruflas once appeared as a flame in th Tower of Babel. He sometimes appears as a man with the head of an owl or hawk.

Story Notes

This demon seems to be tied to deception. Even one of the nicer things that’s said of him is that he “responds generously to any request asked of him, such as giving lengthy answers to questions.” That’s broadly positive, but one could take it to be misleading, particularly since is strong point is encouraging people to lie and stirring up strife, quarrel, and war. And his home in the Tower of Babel is strongly associated with discord. (The grimoires wouldn’t back up this, he’s mostly described as being helpful in canon…as long as he is well-constrained.)

He likely fell out of the goetia in Reginald Scot’s translation of Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and hasn’t regained his place.  Theresa Bane suggests that Vassago may be the same entity as Pruflas, it seems like where Vassago picks up where Pruflas disappears, but there aren’t many similarities otherwise. The Dictionary Infernal  shows a picture of Purson instead of Pruflas (cat-headed, not bird-headed), adding to the confusion. 




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