Goetia #22


Earl, Prince


Social skills and self-confidence


Besides common stuff like finding hidden treasure and divination, Ipos is called upon for confidence, wit, intellect, and courage. 

He has one of the strangest appearances in the Goetia: an angel with a lion’s head and a goose’s foot, possibly a hare’s tail. Or sometimes a lion with a goose’s head and feet, and again, hare’s tail. He occasionally appears as a lion, though an evil and crafty one. Weyer describes his weird chimerical apearance as “yet indeed more obscure and filthie than a lion,” so a nod to the lion-haters out there.

Story Notes

Ipos seems like one of those randomly generated demons, but he is a prince and therefore important. I’m not seeing any sources to back this up, but the Black Witch Coven site suggests that he’s derived from Anubis. If so…that seems a long journey, and his earlier lionlike descriptions seem to go against that idea. 


demonic paradise – occult world