Toab, Tap, Goap

Goetia #33


Prince and President, sometimes King


Amaymon’s hierarchy


Love, finding things, phiosophy and the liberal sciences, stealing other people’s familiars. Making men stupid, but really, do you need a demon for that? Women’s health.


One of the more interesting descriptions of Gaap  say that he’s a human with great bat wings, and is preceded by four powerful kings. That seems to be reflected in his sigil which shows four shapes boxed into the usual bars and squiggles. 

Story Notes

Reginald Scot’s “Discovery of Witches” suggests that Gaap and Bileth were among the first demons invoked by necromancy, called up by Cham, son of Noah. Scot seems to conflate these two demons, and along with Belial and Asmoday lists them as the four kings of the 72 Solomonic demons. So clearly, Gaap’s a big name.

In some grimoires he’s given some of the usual dubious love magic abilities that many demons are associated with. But while he’s double-edged, he’s got some positives to offer to women. Weyer says he appears as a doctor and is a “most excellent doctor of women,” although adds more love magic stuff after that. And while some of what he does is obviously serving a male audience, he can make women beautiful, provide medical services for them, and terminate pregnancies or make women infertile. It may be that if you take the usual thick layer of grimoire patriarchy off of this demon, he’s a strong candidate for the demon of women’s health.


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