Goetia #36




Astronomy, astrology, gemstones, herbs


Stolas is a goetic fan favorite generally, and a somewhat sympathetic character in the world of Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, where he’s the occasional relationship of one of the primary characters. In that series he’s strongly associated with stars and astronomy, which picks up nicely from his goetic portfolio. 

In the grimoire tradition, Stolas is consistently given the title of prince, and that seems to be a place where VivziePop moves away from standard demonology: the Seven Deadlies seem to be something like princes, and the goetia are their own separate thing. What that thing actually is hasn’t been revealed yet.  

Lucifer’s wife, Lilith, is mythologically associated with owls, and would make sense for Lilith and Stolas to have some kind of connection, but the series hasn’t really introduced Lilith as of this writing.


Stolas as seen in “Helluva Boss” 


Typically appears in the form of an owl or “nightraven,” though he can take human form as well. One resource says “a mighty raven” but we question what that means. 

Story Notes

Besides the quirky Dictionairre Infernal art and his modern fan base, there’s very little to say about Stolas…he’s yet another “animal + spell” combination of the many of the same in the Goetia. The one bit of history we have is that he’s apparently a fallen angel, but there’s little to build on beyond that. 

Owls, however, have some strong and old associations with demons, as Lilitu and Lilith are both occasionally translated as “owls,” and Lilith is associated with that bird (Screech owls in particular). References to owls as demons are found in the bible, and a generous author could connect Stolas to this older, Mesopotamian history, and lift him up from being just another procedurally generated Goetia.


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