Sigambuth, Rabidanadas, Rabinadap


Sigils and pacts


Story Notes

As is so often the case with these deeply esoteric spirits, we only have two sources: in this case, the Secrets of Solomon (a hand-written volume that may have informed the Grimorium Verum), and Bellanger’s excellent Dictionary of Demons. 

This pair of spirits, possibly demons, seems to have some power over writing, and specifically, demonic sigils and pacts. The name “Sig Ambath,” implies signature and around, circuiltus, or possibly hand-written…so maybe a signature around something? We won’t try to unpack “Rabidmadar” as it suggests insanity and madness (rab-) and possibly anadar, to go or to leave…or maybe “drippy” or “greasy.” Or to chew. We are not good at Latin, but we think “to go crazy” isn’t ENTIRELY out of the question. 

Wait, back to the topic. Between the two of them, Sigambuth and his possible secretary Rabidmadar, they seem to have the power to confirm sigils and pacts, validating these “signatures” of demons and their ability to link them to their associates…and bind them to their summoners, for good or ill. 

It seems that this power isn’t specifically a demon, as Solomon himself made pacts with both angels and demons, and this book (while obviously not written by Solomon) makes reference to him. The text then spends a good few pages on specifically demonic pacts, so there’s that, but there’s some material on angelology later. At any rate, this spirit might be invoked as some sort of final arbiter of a pact, or as the power that enforces their terms. 



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