Finding hidden things, girls, presumably hidden girls


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An inclusion from the oddball Elizabethan grimoire, “The Book of Oberon,” which has a number of alternate-spelling additions to the canon. Carmerin is a stub entry, of him all that is known: 

“Carmerin vel Cayenam a lord, he appeareth like a bewtyfull woman, & crowned with a
double crowne, & rydeth upon a Cammell, & telleth the truth of seecret treasures & specially where woomen be seene, & he is a prince therof & keeper of them, & hath under him 30 legions.”

Story Notes

Belanger points out a few things about Carmerin: his appearance (crown, camel, lady), powers (finding hidden things) and name spelling suggest a strong similarity to Gemory, who has a great many names. Also, that he would be a strong candidate for the Demon of Peeping Toms, since he appears to enjoy spying on women. The structure of his special abilities suggests that women are secret treasures, which does feel like something off of an Elizabethan greeting card.