Obizuth, Byzou, and 30+ other names


HNone know, but possibly working under Leviathan, prince(ss) of Envy


Strangling babies, along with an assortment of medical conditions 


Abyzou is in all likelihood one of the family of demons that are related to Lilith; she has wild serpent-like hair and a greenish face. She doesn’t sleep, but instead prowls the world looking for women who are about to give birth, strangling the newborn and harming the mother. Many Mesopotamian-era demons are threats to childbirth, particularly female demons.

Story Notes

One of Abyzou’s dozens of names is “Gello,” or “gylou.” This may be related to the “Gallu demon,” at least in name, a particularly vicious and implacable demon that acts like the Secret Service of the Mesopotamian kingdom of the dead. Also related to the word “ghoul.”

…Backstory? Abyzou’s name may be related to “Abzu,” the primeval sea in Mesopotamian myth (tied closely to the draconic primordial sea goddess, Tiamat). Also to the word “Abyss.” This links her to the world of “dangerous female sea monsters,” such as the snake-haired Gorgons, who clearly use the same stylists.

Abyzou is a demon of envy, driven by jealously of mothers and families. . While the old-school demons are often outside the medieval demonic hierarchies, she might fall under the authority of Leviathan, the prince(ss) of Envy… a primordial sea monster also linked to Tiamat and the abyss.


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