The Man Who Quit Smoking, Mannen som slutade röka

12/16/1972 status:

This one is going to be very hard to find, and given that it’s only loosely inspired by Dante may not stay on this list.


Dante Alighieri’s sausage magnate father dies, leaving him $17,000,000 if he can quit smoking. A Swedish comedy.


While this is really more “inspired in part by”, it’s got some nods to Commedia that are noteworthy. It’s broken into three parts (Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso), and at least references the romance between Dante and Beatrice. 


We haven’t seen this one yet…


“Inspired in part by.” This may not be close enough to the original to make this list ultimately.


Unknown. A cult classic in Sweden, but quite hard to find in the US. More as we know more.