10/2014 status:

Very low on our list, it doesn’t sound like the adaptation is enjoyable. 


The notes on IMDB suggest that this is an adaptation of the Inferno, though Beatrice gives Dante the opportunity to journey through the Underworld to redeem his own life. The film moves through all three portions of the Divine Comedy.


There is seriously nothing about this movie beyond a murky trailer. Apparently it’s available for streaming on Amazon, but without subtitles, and “” is down. This review on Video Librarian suggests that the film has illegible subtitles, awkward CGI backdrops, and a generally plodding pace that doesn’t do any favors. 

Dante (2014) Adventure, Drama, Mystery | 75min | 15 October 2014 (USA)
Director: Luca LussosoWriter: Anna Elettra Pizzi De Gaetano, Luca LussosoStars: Edoardo Barbieri, Arianna Borionetti, Cristiano CaldironiSummary: "Leave out any hope of salvation, now you're getting in, to never leave again" (Hell - Canto III) It's been years since Beatrice died. Dante, now lonely, has lost control of his life and nothing on Earth is able to help him. Is a holy soul from Paradise, her timeless love and endless care that gives Dante's life a twist. Beatrice, bending the rules of the Underworld, offers her old friend the opportunity to understand the value of life. Dante, guided by the knowledgeable soul Virgilio, will have cross Hell and Purgatory and face several challenges to have the chance of being enlightened by the vision of the Empyrean. His journey is physical and emotional. By meeting many wondering souls Dante will have cope with inner resistances and overcome them evolving and growing to move on with his life. Written by Anna Elettra Pizzi De Gaetano


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