Dante’s Inferno, L’Inferno


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Not yet seen! Looking forward to the Tangerine Dream soundtrack version. 


Dante journeys through the nine circles of hell, accompanied by Virgil.


Not only the first adaptations of Dante in film, but the first Italian feature (this seems to be a trend in Italy….) and one of the earliest feature films. Its sets and imagery are particularly well-done, and were “sampled” (to be generous) for the 1936 exploitation film Hell-A-Vision and Go Down Death! (1944), 


We haven’t seen this one yet…


While we haven’t seen this one yet, it looks like a loving adaptation, and was an early Italian movie.


This was one of the first feature films ever, and silent films have their own pacing issues. We haven’t watched this one yet, but the sets look remarkable. Looking forward to the Tangerine Dream soundtrack version.