Dante’s Hell Animated

2013, 2016?

Dispatch.ist status:

Skimmed, not yet made a real attempt to watch. Not looking foward to the experience.


An animated/animatic presentation of Dante’s Inferno, 39 minutes, reasonably faithful to the source material. 


There is so much that’s strange about this film. Trying to do research on it is like listening to a thousand parrots on ecstasy. It’s obvious that all the commentary is coming from a single source, and that source is very positive, but…why? It seriously makes you question your sanity just a bit. Comments rave about the movie’s amazing animation and art, but…it looks like high school art class, really, and the animation rarely rises over the level of “animatic.” 

And yet…and yet…I challenge you to find one negative review of it. Honestly, there are very few reviews of it at all. The comments on Amazon are all over the place. You really wonder if you’re being put on. 

Obviously, I’m biased against this film, not because of the quality (low) but because of the truly disorienting experience of trying to find legitimate information about it. 

The entire film is available in two parts on Youtube, so do with that what you will.



Jacob – I attempted to watch this one in earlier this year, and it’s pretty harsh medicine. I’ll try again. It occasionally flops out of its minimal-effort puddle to rise to the level of “good-bad,” but there’s nothing in this that sparks joy for me. – Jacob


ISome scenes are left out of this adaptation, it is a fairly short film at a little under 30 minutes. It feels a bit like a film version of the Cliff’s Notes. But at the same time it seems like one of the more faithful adaptations of the material, and doesn’t seem to take liberties with the text. 


Dull, amateurish. Not recommended, but it’s available for free. – Jacob