This week we’re wrapping up our deep dive into various Ancient Israel-adjacent topics with a look at the demonology and monsterology of the time. Of course the standard take on this is “well, there isn’t much…” or maybe just a “we don’t know of much,” because the orthodox Jewish faith of the time tended away from the supernatural. So we’re picking up a lot of late medieval and early early modern stuff as well. 

Hell news! You might be familiar with the somewhat urban legendy story of the haunted Dybbuk Box. There are a few new chapters of the story. Famous ghost hunter Zak Bagans picked up the cabinet for his haunted museum, in 2018, and opened it without incident, or at least without any incident that might have been worth making into a Netflix documentary. Rapper Post Malone, who we generally agree looks more like a hobbit than Zak Bagans does, touched the haunted box, and has since lived in interesting times. More about that story from KSNV News, from whom the image at right was lifted.

Two semi-related stories from the world of The Satanic Temple. If you’re up on your semi-infernal current events, you’re probably aware that TST has been setting up “Educatin’ with Satan” after-school clubs, both as one of their ongoing efforts to encourage or prove the lack of existence of separation of church and state, and, legitimately, to offer a science-and-exploration program that works toward inclusion and promises a total lack of statements of faith. Good on them. 

So, in fairly recent news, TST successfully launched one of these clubs in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, a location that is definitely a bit on the nose. 

Generally we like this story, as The Dispatchist is keen on separation of church and state and news stories with Satan in the headline. But we REALLY liked the story from the Associated Press where 1) a photopromt artist by the name of The Pumpkin Empress made some DELIGHTFUL hypotheticals about what after-school satanism might look like, and her images are super-cute, and you can see them on her original post. But 2), a South American blogger, writing about “Zatancon,” shared these images as though they were legit. Anyway, fun story. I wanted to share ALL the images, but better that you go to PE’s facebook and give her a like. 

Drinks! For reasons that will become obvious if you’re reading this as you are listening to the podcast and not scrolling ahead, which we obviously cannot require, you might want to make yourself a Golem to go with your light entertainment! The Golem, with thanks to Drink-Drink, is a rum, Drambui, Falernum, and sherry. No obvious clue to why the drink is called the Golem, Drink-Drink suggests that it was invented after the movie “The Golem” was released. 


Dybbuks DO appear as a monster in D&D. Enigmatically, they look a bit like jellyfish, which only goes to show. Something. 

Shedim, “Hairy Goat Demons”

First, Jacob would like to take a moment to thank AI-generated art for these two pictures of “hairy goat demons,” and now he needs to take a quiet moment to calm down.