This week we have a very special guest: La Carmina, who blogs at the intersection of Satanism and Japanese culture. She joined us to talk about her upcoming book, The Little Book of Satanism, available in time for Halloween or Christmas, depending on your needs! 

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We were immediately impressed with the book’s look and feel. Baphomet was so warm and friendly, the interiors had a gently posh “Victorian wall deco but classy,” and the cover was so very purple. Jacob loves purple. Jacob loves this purple. You’ll love this purple too. We didn’t ask, but if the book is bound in flocked velvet, we would appreciate it.

Okay, being impressed with the purple is a bit shallow on our part, but on the other hand, a popular culture book on Satanism that doesn’t try for shock? That’s a good thing.

The book is a little tome that focuses on the history and philosophy of modern Satanism…not specifically leaning on any one branch of Satanism (though La Carmina has a non-theistic approach to Satanism and is a part of The Satanic Temple, and the book’s tone leans that way). It’s a very accessible book, written for people that aren’t interested in a deep academic dive or have an occult background. 


Let’s talk briefly about The Satanic Temple TV. It’s available for $6.66 a month, both a reasonable price and a solid low-hanging fruit joke. You can follow TSTTV on Twitter or Facebook to get announcements on events and such, and events are available for non-subscribers as well. La Carmina hosts “Satanic Show + Tell,” and a callout to the Satanic Chef’s show, “Devil’s Food

A brief aside on The Process Church of the Final Judgment, a British religious movement running from 1966-1970.  It sprouted from the Church of Scientology, but developed a dark and hellish style, digging into Crowley’s world and drawing the attention of artists and cinema types. It seems to have melted down over religious differences, one founder taking a more Christian path, the other drifting more toward extraterrestrial dolphins (we may be deliberately misunderstanding. There will almost certainly be more on the Process Church down the road. 

Also on the “learn more about” list, The Affair of the Poisons, a scandal in France toward the end of the 1600s (a very big time for grimoires and the occult, interestingly). Over the course of the event a Madame de Brinvilliers was acccused of conspiring to poison her father and brothers, and was burned at the stake. The trial lead to a crackdown on fortune-tellers and alchemists, and their clients as well, an apothecarian version of the witch trials. Briefly the special court of the Chambre Ardente, or “burning court,” was established, but it was abolished in 1682 as it was simply too much of a scandle in and of itself. 

Since we reference the Elvis Dancers of Yoyogi Koen Park, we need to post a video of the Elvis Dancers of Yoyogi Koen Park. Bringing things full circle, Yoyugi Park is in the Harajuku district, which is the home of a vibrant youth fashion culture that is quirky AF and extremely expressive and photographable.