Quick Character Reference Stuff (three original characters, one late middle ages demon I really like)


Dog (Hairless Khala – basically a Mexican hairless or xoloitzcuintli 

Colors – mostly dark skin brown, tan/cream blotchy stomach and groin, some tan/cream around paws. 
Markings – raven tattoos (no specific ones), a few black and white freckles

Hair – mane is dyed green and black, spikey. Has a chin-beard. 

Clothes and look – “coffee shop hipster”. Wire rim glasses.  Laptop with band stickers.

Interests: Writing, coffee, podcasting, cooking/food, books, guys, research

Other – married to Whines. Really likes Buer (a demon I’ve got a mild crush on) (I can’t explain this)




Spotted Hyena

Colors – Hyena colored, maybe a little faded

Hair – Brown mane, usually with a pink or purple flower or bow

Clothes and look – Vests, bolo ties are a current favorite

Interests: Dance and theatrical lights, hot dogs, fennecs, costuming and making costumes. Bisexual if it’s relevant. 

Other – married to Corbeau


Snow Hyena (this isn’t a thing)

(What is a snow hyena? Not sure. Probably shaggier than a hyena, with more floof around feet, more padding generally, silvers/grays/blue-grays. Spots that are starting to blend into stripes like a Striped hyena. Ultimately, I don’t know, so whatever a snow hyena ends up being.)

Hair – shaggy mane, either messy or groomed for cosplay. 

Clothes and look – likes cosplay of all sorts, tends toward fussy clothes, usually wears a blue and green scarf or vest or cape. 

Interests: Board games and tabletop games (way too competitive, kind of a jerk about them.) Hot chocolate. Cosplay and live-action role-play. 



Goetic demon, president of hell

Five or so goat legs, lion’s head. Sometimes humanoid, more often pinwheely. Some versions have lion legs instead of goat legs. 

Clothes and look – Snarky, he’s got a sneer. When he’s humanoid, probably looks like a chemist, doctor, apocathecary, etc. 

Interests: herbalism, medicine, pets and familiars

Other – Corbeau (and myself) have a probably unhealthy fascination with this guy. Hoping he’s single.