Types of Demons (and angels)


The Levant is arguably the homeland of demonkind, or at least the first civilization to take detailed notes on their religion.


Wiki: Mesopotamian Demons (category), Getty: Meet the Mesopotamian Demons

Rabisu, Rabasa

(wiki) Lurker demons (Akkadian: Rabisu = “the lurker,” Sumerian: Maskim, “deputy/attorney”). These demons lurked near the entrances to houses or in dark places. They’re also called “seizers,” or “crouchers,” possibly related to the spirit mentioned in Genesis 4: 6-7, “if you do well, you can hold up your head, sin is a demon lurking at the door.” These are demons that lie in wait and pounce on their victims. One named rabisu is Sulak, the demon of the lavoratory.