Greetings from Havencon 2022 and our first live episode! Havencon is a GLBTQ gaming and fantasy convention in Austin, and we were very pleased to be able to talk about one of Jacob’s favorite topics: demons! 

Audio quality? So-so. We recorded mostly on Victoria’s celphone, brilliant planning, so it’s murky, but survivable. 

The youtube video features lots of visuals and a bit of interpretive dance. We even added a few more images based on unscripted moments. For some reason the aspect ratio is a little messed up but it seems to fix itself if you resize it. 




Facing your inner demons? Or a blank sheet of paper? Struggling to make it through another podcast? Try a Writer’s Block, courtesy of TastingPour.Com. Or if you’re giving up on life entirely, try Avocado on a Stick. It’s as horrible as it sounds, although it’s blessedly a spoof product. 

From the weird world of marketing, check out McDonald’s tarot-reading minicampaign. I suspect we’ll be exploring the strange world of Burger King’s “Subservient chicken” campaign, so get caught up on that at wikipedia.