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If we thought Canto 1 was the Dark Woods, well, Cantos 15-21 are the jungle in “Heart of Darkness.” It gets better!

We are so thrilled to have Mark Scarbrough, host of Walking with Dante, joining us! Check out his podcast, his website, and grab a copy of his new memoire, Bookmarked: How the Great works of Western Literature Fucked Up My Life

It seems like we got our drinks crossed, as Victoria has brought the  Gates of Hell to the party. But thank you to Cheryl Lins of Delaware Phoenix Distillary for this image of a louched glass of absinthe, which also seems on topic. 

IWe’re still pretty far behind on show notes, and because of our editorial schedule for November may not be caught up until we reach the end of the Inferno series, but updates to show notes will begin again in December, thank you for your patience!