Hey! We’re on DISCORD!

I think this will be current for at least another cycle, stop by and join us on Discord! 

ot really an episode, more an announcement with theme music: we’re celebrating INFERNOVEMBER this month, reading Dante’s Inferno for the entire month…with guests!

You can follow us with a copy of the home game!

Tuesday, Nov. 2 – Cantos 1-7
Tuesday, Nov. 9 – Cantos 8-16, with guest Mark Scarbrough of Walking with Dante
Tuesday, Nov, 16 – Cantos 17-22, and guest Dr. Bryan Brazeau joins us to talk about Dante’s infernology! 
Tuesday, Nov. 23- Cantos 23-29
Tuesday, Nov. 30 – Cantos 30-33

Other guests: Sandow Birk, co-creator of the Dante’s Inferno 2007 film, will join us to talk about inspiration and gyros. And hopefully more!