Grand General of Hell


Watcher angels originally


Love, lust, and sexual magic, knowledge of the planets, the secrets of destruction


No description seems to exist. As a watcher angel he may look…angelic.

Story Notes

The sexuality of Satanachia’s origin story may have shaped who he is in the grimoire: a teacher of astrology and war, very on-brand for a watcher. And invoked for love, lust, passion, and power over women (particularly virgins). 

The name “Satanachia” is obviously derived from “satan,” but remember that when 1 Enoch was written, Satan was still more of a title than a proper name. The use of “adversary” in his name does suggest that he might have been a more aggressive and problematic member of the Watcher camp. 

There may be some historical interest in Satanachia. He was mentioned somehow in the Councils of Braga, and Demonic Paradise–which is more fan fiction than research source–suggests that he was involved in Joan of Arc’s spiritual/psychological breakdown. A quick google search finds nothing on this one but if you’ve got anything leave a comment!


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