Egyn, Aegum. Ariton


King of the North, or possibly South


Cardinal Kings


Secrets of the angels and the pit

Time & Place

The north, or maybe the south


Guy with radiant face, breaths fire, tusks poking from cheeks, nice crown, sharp nose and nostrils. Rides dragon, flaming serpents at his sides.

Story Notes

The note about Egin’s “sharp nose and nostrils” echoes several descriptions of Jahweh where he is described as having long nostrils and flaming breath. Coincidence? And Belanger points out that the flaming serpents at his side may allude to the seraphim. Is there a chance this extremely powerful spirit is an echo of El or Jahweh? Both have been described as dragony in their own way. This seems a stretch, but all’s fair in occultism. 


demonic paradise