A servant of Beelzebub


If Aleister Crowley is to be believed, Nominon appears as a “large red spongy jellyfish with one greenish luminous spot. Or at least that’s how the demon appears now, after a rival demon set Nominon against Crowley and his wife, Rose.  

Story Notes

This is another “stub” demon with little or no information, who appeared in The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. We’re mentioning him under “editor’s choice” because of his name, which means “name.” It seems like this could be a package or protective shell around something much larger, given how true names and demon names are shuffled, protected with palindromes, and disguised in puzzles. One much more powerful spirit, when asked his name, said “I am that I am.” It seems like a demon who’s hiding behind the name, “Name” may be echoing that invocation of the self.