Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic 2/9/2010

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Watched six years ago. I guess we’ll have to watch it again… – Jacob


Dante, a Knight Templar, returns from the crusade to find his house destroyed. He follows his fiancee Beatrice into hell, and fights a lot of things. In a final confrontation with Lucifer, we learn that this has been a ruse to lure a great hero to free Lucifer; the movie leaves us on a cliffhanger as Dante chases a corrupted Beatrice into Purgatory.


Anime adaptation of the EA Games’ action-fantasy Dante’s Inferno, released direct to DVD. An interesting element of this film is that it incorporates the styles of six animation studios. 


Jacob – it’s been several years since I’ve seen this one, and during that time I’ve actually read Inferno, so I’ll need to watch it again. I recall being left a little cold by this film, the gap between “fighting action game Anime adaptation” and “classic allegory” was too deep for me to cross. 


“Based on.” The film has many elements of the original story – the movement through the layers, encounters and torments that reflect the original. Transforming Dante into an action hero Templar was probably necessary for the game, but is a huge deviation from the introspective journey of the original, and Dante seems to have some superpowers (such as the ability to absolve souls in Hell) that seem out of place. IRL Dante’s relationship with Beatrice was of the courtly/troubador love style, platonic and hyperidealized, so the elements of physicality in the character of Beatrice are also jarring…it’s possible that the gamer audience wouldn’t “get” Dante’s distant adoration. 


Maybe you have to actually be the target demographic for this one to appreciate it. If you enjoyed the video game, it may be a good watch. As someone without a feel for the franchise, it felt like so many made-for-dvd adaptations, a bit cold, no spark. May revise this as I watch again. – Jacob

Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic (2010) Animation, Action, Adventure | 88min | Video 9 February 2010 6.6
Director: Victor Cook, Mike DisaWriter: Dante Alighieri, Brandon AumanStars: Graham McTavish, Vanessa Branch, Steve BlumSummary: After fighting in the Crusades for three years, Dante rides back home to his family estate to reunite with his beloved Beatrice and his father. Dante sees a rider following him, but out of the blue, the man vanishes with no trace. When he arrives home, he sees the servants slaughtered, his father murdered and Beatrice near death. When her soul is going to the heaven, Lucifer takes Beatrice to Hell, telling her that Dante has betrayed her. Dante meets Virgil who guides him to Hell, and the poet explains that Beatrice had a bet with Lucifer that Dante would be faithful to her while in the holy war. In return, Lucifer would protect Dante and bring him back home safe and sound. Upon arrival in Hell, Dante learns that he needs to cross nine circles to reach Lucifer ad on his painful journey, he discovers who doomed his family to suffer in Hell. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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