Goetia #13


King, President. Queen?


Love, both from men and women.


King on a pale horse. Noteably, with an entourage of cats performing music on trumpets. Sometimes other musical instruments. Sometimes just musicians, not cats, but we think the cats are worth preserving.

Beleth is one of the strongest of the goetia for love magic, but Belanger notes that, according to Scot, it’s foolish, misguided, and problematic love. So that’s fun! 

Story Notes

The demon of drama/romance is appealing on its own. 

According to the Pseudomonarchia Daemonium, Beleth is one of the first demons ever called up by necromancy, summoned by Noah’s son, Cham. S, and then also one of the spirits trapped by Solomon later on. 

In Pandemonium Jake Stratton-Kent notes that Bileth is a fairly important spirit, given many of the same treatments as Amoymon. Stratton-Kent and David Crowhurst (Stellas Daemonum) note that there are indications that Bileth is of a rank with the four cardinal kings, and point out that in Weyer a ritual of the First Mirror of Lilit” (that is, Lillith) alters the spelling halfway through to Bileth. Crowhurst suggests that in addition to the four kings there are four goetic queens, and Bileth/Lilith may occupy that rank. 


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