Balan, Baron, possibly related to Barson. 

Goetia #51




cunning, finesse, invisibility, and wit.


So either a three-headed guy with the head of a bull, human, and ram, the tail of a serpent, and flaming eyes, with a goshawk on his fist. Riding a bear. Or just a naked dude on a bear. 

Story Notes

The illustration above is from Sandman: The Dreaming, I think around 2018, where most of the Goetia make an appearance, but Balam in particular is dating one of the main characters. Used without permission, but the comic was some time ago. 

One feels that the gifts of “invisibility” and “wit” are opposed. Like there could be a very good monkey’s paw wish based around being extremely clever and extremely imperceptable.

The name “Balam” is likely derived from the mystic Balaam, who appears in Numbers 22. He blessed the israelites when he was asked to curse them, but in a later story he’s described as a “wicked man” who tempts Israel toward sin. 

Entities with three heads are generally quite powerful, and as a king, Balam likely is too. Jake Stratton-Kent suggests that he may be one of the four directional kings.


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