Amaimon, Amoymon. Mahazael?

Goetia # ??


Prince of the East?


Cardinal Demons


Past, present and future, flying, summoning other spirits and reviving the dead

Time & Place

East? South?


For one of the cardinal demons and near the top of the Goetic hierarchy, there is very little information about Amaymon. His status as one of the cardinal demons isn’t attested as widely as, say, Paimon, and his identity seems to be blurry, confused with Aamon and Asmodeus. The picture above (Amaymon as black bird) comes from the “Key of Hell” grimoire. In Abremelin he’s described as an Egyptian devil, which may suggest a link to the Egyptian deity, Amun

Amun is also called “The Hidden One,” a powerful god and possibly of a kind with Ra. However, Aamon is his own thing, and while there’s a lot of muddling of demonic identities it doesn’t seem like he’s the same entity. 

May have poisonous fiery breath, protective gear is recommended. 



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